Brian Y. Hong, D.D.S., M.S.​ 

Past KADA President

" Through series of informative meetings with Jon Kim from MassMutual, I was able to learn about the proper timing to plan for Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Estate Planning, Profit-sharing Plans, and now, the Long-Term Care Planning.

The informed decision I was able to make in my financial planning gives me assurance that myself and my beloved family will be taken care of.

I am very thankful for the services of Jon Kim of MassMutual, who is not only my agent but a friend and an advocate. "


Albert S. Chang, D.D.S.

Chino Hills, CA

" For a long time, I understood the importance of a systematic financial plan and management, but I have used "busy work" as an excuse to fail to implement a good financial plan.

I happened to know Mr. Kim Jongsik through a mutual friend. Because of Mr. Kim, I received a lot of advice and help about finance.

With the help of Mr. Kim Jongsik, I have fully understood my financial situation and existing problems. Mr. Kim has also helped me protect my family and career and increase my wealth with effective and proactive financial planning.

After several meetings with Mr. Kim Jongsik, I have seen his honest and trustworthy side. Now I will consult with him for my financial situation and entrust him to help me manage all my plans.

I am writing this letter because I am sure that Kim Jongsik will be helpful for anyone. "


Jae Sun Song, C.P.A.​ 

Past KASCPA President

" The first time I met Mr. Kim Jongsik of MassMutual, in 2001, I was serving as President of the Korean Association of Certified Accountants (KASCPA) in Southern California.

Twelve years have passed since then.

It's gratifying to know that after all of this time, the clients I introduced to Mr. Kim Jongsik are still receiving his services. In this constantly changing business, Mr. Kim Jongsik strives to do a good job in customer management, adhering to the most basic service spirit to continue to help his clients.

Life Insurance, Retirement Plan, Disability Income Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Estate Plan, and Annuity are essential parts of life in the US. Mr. Kim Jong Sik knows a lot about the relevant good companies, and he knows what an Agent must do.

I think what an Agent must do is the area that customers tend to forget - always think of putting the interests of customers first. For this reason, meeting customers and agents is a very important meeting in our life.

I recommend you to start a communication with Kim Jongsik of MassMutual. "


Young A. Suk, M.D.

San Bernardino, CA

" In 1983, I bought life insurance as part of a pension plan. Because I had little knowledge of finance, I was doubtful about the insurance which I bought and thought of canceling for a while.

In my opinion, the return on investment of life insurance was more secure than the pension plan.

First, I still regard it as a part of a pension plan.

Second, I regard it as the education (college) fund for my children (who are 10 and 16).

MassMutual Insurance is a very excellent company. I also confirmed it with Financial Magazine. With Mr. Kim's teachings, I am more convinced that the insurance plan introduced by Mr. Kim is the best option and I will not be regretting it.

For people like me who dislike compulsory insurance, Mr. Kim is the most appropriate agent. "


Bun Raymond Kim, M.D. 

Bun Raymond Kim, M.D.​

" Mr. Kim Jongsik briefly explained Pension Plans, Living Trusts, and Life Insurance for me. He also gave me advice and helped me rearrange my previous plan.

At the same time, he helped me update and strengthen my plan, which was a big help for my pension plan. Further, he also follows up and gives routine services.

After meeting and communicating with Mr. Kim Jongsik, I am confident that you will get good results. "


Hyn K. Kim, D.D.S.

Ontario, CA

" Ordinary people (especially Koreans) are familiar with the Will, but they don't know much about handling the Will while they are alive, so I want to use this opportunity to create awareness about this.

We hope that you can continue to work hard to make seminars better, to spread the message to more people like us, and to inspire more people. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the excellent seminar you held last time. "


Hasung Lee, M.D.​ 

Los Angeles, CA

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Kim Jongsik (a special agent), an honest and trustworthy insurance specialist.

When he learned that I was upset because I didn't choose a life insurance policy that I was satisfied with, Mr. Kim came to me and gave me a lot of great advice.

I was interested in his articles and reports. Because of his sincerity and true attitude towards his customers, I don't hesitate to recommend him.

Also, he is always improving which is very good.

Although we have only known each other for 7-8 months, I believe in his honest character and highly recommend him.

If you have any other questions about Mr. Kim, please get in contact with me at any time. "